Advanced Beekeeping Workshops Honeybee Adventures !

We at Gerard’Z Honeybees have had great success with our New
Advanced Beekeeping Workshops with Honey & Wine Tasting.
  It is meant as the next step up from our Introductory Workshop, and involves a ton of actual field experience with the bees !!  Check out the pictures from the actual adventures above.

Please click on the attached link to see the details of the adventure.It is a great exploration for anyone interested in a more in-depth beekeeping experience.

Also, if you have friends or family that would like to attend the
Introductory Workshop, we are offering you a special pricing for that as well.  Please click the attached link below for the Introductory Workshop. Keep in mind that these make unique gifts that you can surprise people with, especially for the upcoming holidays !!

Hope to see you very soon !!

Best Regards,

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