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Beekeeping Workshop -


Location :

Napa Yard - Oxbow Gardens

585 1st. St.

Napa, CA  94559

(925) 605-6119


Total time for event is approximately 3 hours :
1) class and equipment observation,

2) working amongst 1-2 full beehives with our instructor,
3) lunch, including honey  and wine tastings, by Gerard'Z Honeybees and Napa Yard !


Participants will be required to bring their own pair of garden gloves, if they wish (we instruct how to handle the bees without gloves), and must be agreeable to sign a waiver. Long sleeve shirts in either white or very light colors, and pants are required as well. We will provide a hood and veil, or an entire suit is optional.


Key lessons will include: 1) how to open hive, 2) how to check that the queen is laying properly, 3) how to observe the inner workings of the colony to determine if hive is in need of any assistance. Participants will also be exposed to how to pull frames of honey and harvesting of comb honey.


After a short review of beekeeping and lunch, participants will then be able to sample a variety of Napa and Sonoma Valley wines and honeys (possibles : Black Sage, Orange Blossom, Blackberry, Wildflower, Alfalfa, Clover, Coffee or Buckwheat varietals).

Bee Workshop - coming soon, Napa Yard


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