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Bee Workshops Are HERE !

Our initial workshops at Napa Yard - Oxbow Gardens was a huge success.

Guests are toured the gardens at Napa Yard, quick visit to the Estate Honeybees onsite, and then escorted to the learning and sampling table with great views of Napa River and the Oxbow Gardens.

Bee colony functioning, hive hardware and tool requirements are discussed. A variety of honeys are sampled along-side superior Napa and Sonoma wines. Then a bite to eat, before suiting up and opening hives to see it all LIVE and BUZZING.

After a few excercises to get a "feel" for the bees, participants are : looking for the queen, splitting hives, expanding the boxes, and checking on honey for harvest.

NEXT WORKSHOPS : June 25, 11AM and 2PM

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