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Next Bee Workshop Sept. 24 at Napa Yard-Oxbow

The bee workshop season is quickly coming to a close, as we get closer to the winter weather. However, recent hot weather is making for a perfect session coming up on Sept. 24 at our Napa Yard location in downtown Napa !

We assemble at the entrance to the outdoor venue at noon, and walk the grounds, spending time to review the Napa River, the open grounds to enjoy a game of cornhole, and then into the herb & vegetable garden where our honeybees are busy pollinating for the restaurant.

We review the beehive hardware, the bee's roles and work assignments, then it's off to the hives. We offer a variety of protective gear to prepare for the adventure, just bring a log-sleeved light color shirt or pullover.

Let's open those hives and see what is inside !!!! See attached video to get a sense of the excitement and main event......

Finally, we retire to the shaded tables, and enjoy 4-5 different honey varietals, along side some Napa vintage wines, and a bite to eat. Get your tickets now, as this one will fill up fast !

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